Source code for hedwig.validator

import json
import re
import typing
from distutils.version import StrictVersion
from pathlib import Path

import funcy
from jsonschema import SchemaError, RefResolutionError, FormatChecker
from jsonschema.validators import Draft4Validator

from hedwig.conf import settings
from hedwig.exceptions import ValidationError

[docs]class MessageValidator(Draft4Validator): # uuid separated by hyphens: _human_uuid_re = re.compile(r"^[0-9a-f]{8}-[0-9a-f]{4}-[0-9a-f]{4}-[0-9a-f]{4}-[0-9a-f]{12}$") _version_pattern_re = re.compile(r"^[0-9]+\.\*$") checker = FormatChecker() """ FormatChecker that checks for `format` JSON-schema field. This may be customized by an app by overriding setting `HEDWIG_DATA_VALIDATOR_CLASS` and defining more format checkers. """ def __init__(self, schema: typing.Optional[dict] = None) -> None: if schema is None: # automatically load schema schema_filepath = settings.HEDWIG_SCHEMA_FILE with open(schema_filepath) as f: schema = json.load(f) self.check_schema(schema) super(MessageValidator, self).__init__(schema, format_checker=self.checker) @property def schema_root(self) -> str: return self.schema['id']
[docs] def validate(self, message) -> None: """ Validates a message using JSON Schema """ if not message.schema.startswith(self.schema_root): raise ValidationError(f'message schema must start with "{self.schema_root}"') full_version = StrictVersion(message.schema.split('/')[-1]) major_version = full_version.version[0] schema_ptr = message.schema.replace(str(full_version), str(major_version)) + '.*' try: _, schema = self.resolver.resolve(schema_ptr) except RefResolutionError: raise ValidationError('definition not found in schema') errors = list(self.iter_errors(, schema)) if errors: raise ValidationError(errors)
@classmethod def check_schema(cls, schema: dict) -> None: msg_types_found = {k: False for k in funcy.chain(settings.HEDWIG_MESSAGE_ROUTING, settings.HEDWIG_CALLBACKS)} # custom validation for Hedwig - TODO ideally should just be represented in json-schema file as meta schema, # however jsonschema lib doesn't support draft 06 which is what's really required here errors = [] if not schema.get('schemas'): errors.append("Invalid schema file: expected key 'schemas' with non-empty value") else: for msg_type, versions in schema['schemas'].items(): if not isinstance(versions, dict) or not versions: errors.append( f"Invalid definition for message type: '{msg_type}', value must contain a dict of " f"valid versions" ) else: for version_pattern, definition in versions.items(): if not cls._version_pattern_re.match(version_pattern): errors.append(f"Invalid version '{version_pattern}' for message type: '{msg_type}'") if (msg_type, version_pattern) in msg_types_found: msg_types_found[(msg_type, version_pattern)] = True if not isinstance(definition, dict) and not definition: errors.append(f"Invalid version '{version_pattern}' for message type: '{msg_type}'") for (msg_type, version_pattern), found in msg_types_found.items(): if not found: errors.append(f"Schema not found for '{msg_type}' v{version_pattern}") if errors: raise SchemaError(errors) @staticmethod @FormatChecker.cls_checks('human-uuid') def check_human_uuid(instance): if not isinstance(instance, str): return False return bool(MessageValidator._human_uuid_re.match(instance))
class FormatValidator(Draft4Validator): def __init__(self): # automatically load schema schema_filepath = Path(__file__).resolve().parent / 'format_schema.json' with open(schema_filepath) as f: schema = json.load(f) super(FormatValidator, self).__init__(schema) def validate(self, data: dict) -> None: errors = list(self.iter_errors(data)) if errors: raise ValidationError(errors)