Source code for hedwig.exceptions

import typing

[docs]class RetryException(Exception): """ Special exception that does not log an exception when it is received. This is a retryable error. """ def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs) -> None: pass
class LoggingException(Exception): """ An exception that allows passing additional logging info. `extra` must be a dict that will be passed to `logging.exception` and can be used by a logging adaptor etc. """ def __init__(self, message, extra: typing.Optional[typing.Dict] = None) -> None: super().__init__(message) self.extra = extra
[docs]class IgnoreException(Exception): """ Indicates that this task should be ignored. """ pass
[docs]class ValidationError(Exception): """ Message failed JSON schema validation """ pass
[docs]class ConfigurationError(Exception): """ There was some problem with settings """ pass
[docs]class CallbackNotFound(Exception): """ No callback found that can handle the given message. Check your `CALLBACKS` settings. """ pass